Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finding A Husband - Is He Mister Ready!

How to tell in three dates if a man is ready for marriage.

by Katherine Woods, M.S.W.,M.S.

Most women want to get married and, whether they admit it or not, fear ending up an old maid.  Since you are reading this book, you are probably very interested in finding a husband in the near future.  Perhaps your biological clock is ticking loudly or you may be lonely and long for the comfort and security of being married.  You may just feel ready to settle down or maybe the romantic in you wants to walk down the aisle with your dream guy and embark on a wondrous adventure.  If you are divorced and spent the last few years enjoying your freedom and healing, you probably miss the married lifestyle and are ready to take the plunge again. 

THE secret to getting a ring is revealed in this book, along with other important guidelines.  If you follow this advice, it is pretty much guaranteed that your very next boyfriend will propose to you.   
Many women make the mistake of believing that they can “get” any man they want to marry them.  Quite a few popular books have been written on what to “do” to get a proposal.  Some of them advocate that the woman play games or act cool and “hard to get” even though her real motive is to snare the man.  Why are so many women still single even though they followed the advice in these well-regarded books? What went wrong for those that ended up heartbroken?  The reason this advice did not work for many of them is simply because the men they used it on were just plain not ready for marriage.  If a man is not ready for marriage, there is nothing you can “do” to “make” him propose -- even wild horses cannot drag him to the altar.  He may fall for you and become your boyfriend but he will not give you a ring and you will end up wasting months or even years.

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